Thomas DISC

The Thomas DISC is a worldwide well-known competency based, behaviour analysing system which supports the human resources management and the leadership. It gives a precise profile about the competency of a person, a job and a team – along the 4 factors of the DISC.

The DISC system of the Thomas International supports in a complex way the efficient human resources management and leadership which is based on

  • analysing the competency of the job profiles (Job)
  • analysing the competency based, behaviour of the individual (PPA)
  • analysing the efficiency of a team (Teams)

The systems is used by a number of small-, middle and multinational companies starting from the selection to developing and planning the reinforcements.

The main fields of using the system

  • Selection
  • Clearing job requirements and human competencies
  • Training needs assessment
  • Management development
  • Coaching
  • Developing of sales efficiency
  • Performance evaluation
  • Team building
  • Motivation
  • Career planning and reinforcements planning
  • Solving of difficult and stress situations
  • Outplacement
  • Oraganisation alteration, increasing, contraction, cutback.

The advantage of Thomas International DISC

  • QUICK: The Thomas PPA is based on internet, it gives extremily quick (8-10 minutes) a precise profile of the human competencies of an individual bringing into focus the strengths.
  • INTERNATIONAL: Thomas provides assesments in 56 languages and have a presence in over 60 countries.
  • PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: Behind the system, there is the England based, market leader Thomas International. Today Thomas is working with 32,000 companies and 250,000 trained Thomas users worldwide.The system is is registered with the British Psychological Society and with other leadig institutions in the world.
  • WELL-TRIED: Thomas has been at the forefront of assessment innovation for 30 years and has been used sice 37 years.
  • COST: The system is very cost efficient, because a bad expensive personal decision can be avoided by a low cost report.

The system is supported by a high technic, it is available from anywhere trhough the internet.

„We hire people for their technical skills, and we fire them for their behavioural faults.”
Financial Times

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This is a two day course that will teach you the mechanics of the PPA system, what it can do for your people and how it can help your business. It explains the background and theory to the system and the terminology used. It equips you with practical skills such as how to read a PPA profile, how to give feedback to candidates, how you can modify your behaviour to manage your team, how and when to use the assessments, the reports available and how your organisation can benefit from using them. Each delegate receives a pre and post course tutorial for which a Thomas consultant will visit your offices. The consultant will go into more detail on how to use PPA and answer any specific questions you may have. Your consultant will also work with you on a regular basis to help and support you to use PPA for all aspects of the employee lifecycle, including recruitment, retention, development and management.