Hollókő Event Center

a_haz_kilatas_a_kertbolOur company has an education center in Hollókõ. By virtue of the location of this area  it allows a direct contact with the beautiful nature there and at the same time it appears as an organic part of the village which is considered to be a part of the UNESCO World heritage. (www.holloko.hu)

Among the scenes available for education and training this is the one which enables us to have only one single group or company at a time. This way  it gives a certain intimate atmosphere by keeping the world out, as well as an unique opportunity to the participants to experience the methodological tasks that are neccessary for their development. We made the best of this beautiful environment by creating a new program which is suitable for recreation and for getting closer the nature.

It would like to give people (having the desire for recreation) a chance to relax and at the same time energize themselves.

We offer the Education center:

  1. For different type of  trainings, for individual – and for grouped developments hold by our company in accordance with our profile (as the location of coachings, workshops and different meetings).
  2. To rent it out for keeping educations, trainings, and events.

(There are two big and two small training rooms in the house completed with the service areas. The volumetric capacity of the big training rooms is 20 and 40 persons, and the small training rooms give place for 8-8 persons.)

We can organise the meal and the accomodation in the village on demand.

There are three high category restaurants in the village where the meal can be organised.

There is a well equipped kitchen in the education center and tools for barbecue are avalaible.

Accomodation in the village at well renewed farmhouses can be reservered.

How to get to the Education center?

On the hihgway M3 to Hatvan, then the direction to Salgótarján on the 21 road, then after the 26 km turn to left to Szécsény/Hollókő – then going on the road to Szécsény after 10 km turn to the left to Hollókő.

The Education center is the first house in the village, right after the board that welcomes you in Hollókő.

You can contact as:


Phone/fax: +36-1-220-3866

Mobile: +36-30-587-5009, +36-20-476-2075