About us


The Contact Points Ltd. has been working in the field of organisation and leadership development since 2005.

We focus on human resource management consulting, leadership development and human resource development based on behaviour-sciences. Our activity is supported by the world leader company Thomas International – competency based, behaviour profile analysing systems and Thomas DISC – human resource management supporting system.

According to our philosophy and due to our work, achieving good results and being efficient is considered one of the most important values. We provide our clients with practical knowledge that can be used well in everyday work; this way the results of training and development are immediately experienced.

Our success lies not only in our professional knowledge which is built on strong theoretical background, or not only the special experience we have gained through our assignments but also on the more than 20 years’ personal experience of our co-workers obtained in management positions at multinational companies.

We believe that the time, energy and money marked out for the person’s development are the highest paybacked investment for the company and also for the individual.
Patience and persistence are needed for developing and changing and indeed sometimes it is not painless at all.
The success and effectiveness of our partners verify the fact to us and to our clients that this investment is worth while


Eva Babos

Company owner, leader, trainer, consultant, coach, organization developer.
She has gained more than 17 years of experience of human resources.
She worked almost 11 years as Human Resources Manager for well known companies such as IKEA and Synergon.
Since 2005 she has been managing her own company that works at the following fields:

  • HR Consultancy
  • Organization and leadership development